It’s Been Too Long!

If anyone is still reading this blog I think it has been since April that I wrote last. I guess that I am in a learning curve right now, and I will hopefully get to the sharing part of that curve some time.

I did have one bit of insight that I wanted to share. I was thinking about children and how differ. Since I am at the end of my pregnancy I have had that thought on my mind even more. The diversity that I have within my family is astounding. All of my children are so unique and I can’t really compare them to each other because of that fact. I used to believe when I only had one child that if a child was difficult it was the fault of the parent. I have been disabused of that notion. I have learned that a child can be really difficult and it is just the child’s personality. I have also learned that sometimes it can be a stage the child is going through and that it is temporary.

Anyway, that is my tidbit for today. Being unique is a gift from God. He created us that way and it doesn’t make you a bad mother if you have a unique or difficult child. That child probably has an important mission to fulfill in this life and you were the only one who could help that child prepare for that mission.

Thanks for reading!

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